ezaty . 21 . seri manjung perak. saya orang biasa sahaja

Sunday, January 31, 2010

tak semua benda yang kita nak kita akan dapat

this is my habit.facebook.myspace.blogger.its so important to me.i dont know why

love myself? i dont think so

im fat?strees when im thinking about this.stresss..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

bestfriend is important.i want to share everthing.but i dont have a good bestfriend ;[[

i like to be nice.

i love my camera.but i cannot to be proper like others.

i really need my own space.now im 21 years old.

i need more more money to buy everthing what i want.

really2 miss him ;[[


afifufefo said...

"tak semua benda yang kita nak kita akan dapat"

betol3 ;)

luv those pics.yg seksi 2 x r.haha*tipu2

afifufefo said...
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